2012 Committee

Each H.O.G.® Chapter is operated by a committee selected from the members, its aim is to govern and execute the responsibilities of promoting and maintaining the different activities and duties of the Chapter.

Samer Al-Qadi

Director/Activities Officer

Yasin Sabha

Assistant Director

Yousef Khalilieh

Secretary / Legal Advisor

Ramzi Nuqul


Claude Abry

Head Road Captain

Ghaith Abu Zeid

Safety Officer

Rajai Yaghnam

Membership Officer

Martine Abry

Ladies of Harley Officer

Rabia Nuqul

Webmaster / Historian

Firas Samawi




Nader Srouji

Charity Officer

Ghaleb Al-Amad

Public relations Officer

Claude Abry

Dealer Representative

Johnny Nuqul

Mena Director

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