Ladies of Harley

The Ladies of  have a distinguished mission. We organize social and charitable events within the Harley Owners Group®️, with the aim of bettering our community, pulling together our members, and hopefully creating long lasting and meaningful bonds. As a member of the L.O.H®️, I have certainly felt the positive impact of this wonderful community. I had the honor of being appointed as this year's Ladies of Harley Officer, and I hope to be able to fill the very large shoes of my predecessors.

Due to the current circumstances, the L.O.H®️ faced various challenges, whether its lockdown, social distancing  or restrictions on group activities. In spite of these challenges, I am confident that we can continue to fulfill our mission and continue this amazing tradition of positively impacting the community. I would be most grateful for your assistance in doing so. If you have any ideas on events that the LOH can organize that would accommodate the current restrictions, please do feel free to contact me. As always, the community also welcomes new members so please do join us if you have not already.

Zoulikha Doudji Afyouni
L.O.H. Officer
H.O.G.®️ Kingdom of Jordan Chapter #7898